Getting government OUT of HEALTHCARE!

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Sick of Suffering

     I created this video in hopes of shedding light on the legal precedents used in the #Starburst complaint AND to explain the importance for each American to join these heroes by filing a Motion to Join for each state. 

     This information is so important, I have placed this video on multiple pages within the site. Apologies.

#Starburst Complaint

13 Heroes in 13 States and Counting

The #Starburst Complaint is a legal brief being used by Warriors who believe in defending our Constitutional Rights and our right to LIFE, LIBERTY & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

For over 100 million Americans, because of an accident or an illness, this requires proper medical care without governmental interference.  In recent years, the Federal & State governments have enacted policies and legislation which violate not only the Constitutional Rights guaranteed, but also Federal Law & International Treaties. 

This is the purpose of the #Starburst Complaint, to identify these abuses by government resulting in cruel & inhumane suffering for so many Americans and their loved ones.  

 #Starburst Complaint


Americans Fighting for our lives




We are Americans.

We love life.

We choose life.

We are SickOfSuffering



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#Starburst Files

 Here are the files being used by #Starburst Warriors to file in Federal Courts across the nation. As one, we are defending our Constitutional Rights and our right to live with proper medical care without governmental interference.  

#Starburst Files

Articles & Research

We have reams of research demonstrating the CDC guidelines were falsified and weaponized against weakest of the American people; the elderly, cancer patients, the disabled, veterans, minorities, etc. In these pages, we can only hope to reverse the Indoctrination of the American people and mass media.


Informative Videos

 I'm no actor, that is a fact. Still, I'm doing my best to explain the horrors facing millions of veterans & Americans being denied life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness by our own tyrannical government overstepping the boundaries of human decency.

There also other videos that must be watched, some professional produced some like mine. 

Informative Videos

#Starburst Motions to Join

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here. While the #Starburst complaint being filed in each State is important, it is also important that Chronic Pain Patients, our loved ones, friends & even medical professionals join each state's fight for our lives by filing a Motion to Join. 

#Starburst Motions to Join

More to come...

More to come...

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Not my idea but it was suggested I make the following statement to protect myself and the contributors to our efforts fighting for our rights as provided by the Constitution. I can only give you my word as a Christen and as a Marine, my actions, comments and everything I do is to glorify the name of God and Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior as well as to honor my oath to defend this great nation so that our children and future generations can enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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