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The SickOfSuffering webpage is but one of many different individuals and groups advocating for the American people and our rights to adequate healthcare. I would be remiss if I did not recognize many great individuals as Jonelle Elgaway, Dr. Steve Ariens, Dr. Lewis, Dr. Richard “Red” Lawhern, Arianne Grand, Dr. Thomas Kline, Anne Fuqua, and so many more. It is with the research from each of these individuals (& others) that provides me with the knowledge I attempt to share in my own Hillbilly Marine fashion. Their collective knowledge has been used in both the lawsuit against the Department of Veterans Affairs and Congressman Phil Roe (R-TN) the former Chair of the House VA Committee and now in the #Starburst complaint being filed in states across the nation. On this page I hope to share their collective knowledge with each of you suffering so much from the harms being perpetrated against our Constitution and the American people. Much luv, soft hugs, & many prayers. 


Heroes Among us...


Pharmacist Steve


Pharmacist Steve has been a licensed Pharmacist for nearly 50 years and has experience working in chain pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, nursing home pharmacies and owned/operated his own independent pharmacy for 20 yrs that not only provided prescriptions but specialized in providing Home Medical Equipment, including home oxygen/respiratory services, home IV therapy and prosthetics/orthotics and a mastectomy center.

Steve’s wife,  since 1969, (Barb) has been a chronic pain suffer for several decades and both have had to deal with the good, bad and ugly of trying to get adequate pain management out of our healthcare system.

Now  retired, Steve no longer has to have allegiance to any entity other than to those patients who our healthcare system is failing to provide proper care to.

Pharmacist Steve

National Pain Report


The National Pain Report is the leading online news site dedicated to the coverage of chronic pain. We feature the latest developments in the treatment of chronic pain, public policy impacting chronic pain as well comments from leading pain specialists and columns from chronic pain sufferers.

Our goal is to increase public awareness and promote a digital conversation about chronic pain. We encourage story ideas from all. Contact us by email:

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National Pain Report

Chronic Illness Advocacy ​& Awareness group, Inc.


The Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awareness Group (CIAAG) envisions a world where those with disabilities and chronic illnesses are guaranteed palliative care and access to prescription life sustaining medications without stigma, fear or push-back, particularly from the medical community.

Chronic Illness Advocacy ​& Awareness group, Inc.