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The name is misleading as this page has information detailing all aspects of the falsified crisis which has led to millions of veterans & Americans lying at home suffering because of illegal governmental interference with our medical providers. Look around and if you know of a video or article which describes the horrors we face or sheds light on these policies, by all means, drop me a line using the Contact page.

Sick of Suffering

 I created this video in hopes of shedding light on the legal precedents used in the #Starburst complaint AND to explain the importance for each American to join these heroes by filing a Motion to Join for each state. 

CIAAG Founder, Lauren Deluca

 September 27, 2018: CIAAG Founder, Lauren Deluca, addressed the United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime in Vienna, Austria. Thematic Debate Transcripts.  

Message to President Trump


Millions of Veterans & Americans are suffering needlessly because President Trump has been lied to & provided falsified data. He can end the nightmare until the #Starburst complaints reach the Supreme Court if he would but listen. So far, he has ignored us and referred to disabled veterans as "sick puppies." Heaven help us all if this is the response we get when reaching out to elected officials running this once proud nation.

Dr. Richard 'Red' Lawhern

Here is powerful testimony by Dr. Richard 'Red' Lawhern for Chronic Pain Patients being targeted by an overzealous government with policies resulting in more deaths to the elderly, cancer patients, the disabled, veterans, etc.

Presented to:

HHS Inter-Agency Task Force for Best Practices in Pain Management

September 25, 2018 



What happens when lives are dramatically torn apart by chronic pain? The Painful Truth takes us behind the headlines of addiction and beyond the controversies of the war on opioids - an intimate view of patients' frustrations, setbacks, and goals as they deal with chronic pain. We hear patients tell us their stories ... and we understand the social barriers and prejudices they face every day. 

The Painful Truth

The Painful Truth

History Repeating

This is three minute video is only touch on a small part of the INDOCTRINATION occurring in the United States today. The next video, "Caring Corrupted" provides a more in depth look at how the German people fell pray to the evils of Nazism. 

Nuremberg War Crime Tribunals: Circa 1945


The Nuremberg War Crime tribunals declared the Hippocratic Oath takes precedence over state and military dictates. In the end, the Judges sentenced seven (7) Doctors to Death, five doctors to life imprisonment, while four received 10 to 20 years imprisonment. By the end of the tribunals the Nuremberg Code (German: Nürnberger Kodex) was adopted and is a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation. This Code, the result of the Nuremberg trials at the end of the Second World War, universally adopted by all members was originally objected to by the United States.

This video, "Caring Corrupted," explains a little of how the German people, especially doctors & nurses, turned a blind eye on the pain & suffering on 13,000,000 victims during the years of the Holocaust. 

Caring Corrupted


Cizik School of Nursing has created a REMI Platinum Award-winning documentary film that tells the grim cautionary tale of nurses who participated in the Holocaust & abandoned their professional ethics during the Nazi era. The 56-minute film, Caring Corrupted: the Killing Nurses of the Third Reich casts a harsh light on nurses who used their professional skills to murder the handicapped, mentally ill & infirm at the behest of the Third Reich & directly participated in genocide.